With four new books, the Dutch publishing company DIF Books will enter the American book market. With a thriller, a book for young adults, the practical booklet: “52 easy ways toi change the world” and a novel, four Dutch writers will publish their first translated work. The group called themself The Dutch American Writers Network. They live in the Netherlands and Spain.

Dif Books is an international publishing company with offices in Rotterdam and New York. Dif published the legendary Dif Bookazine and the succesful series 52 easy ways.

The first four books will have a pre release end June 2012

1. Paula King’s The secret of the Vulcano of the series Tephran. We’ll give away about 100 pages of the 300 of this lovely book. Read more of the synopsis.
2. Fons Burger wrote “The 5 women Theory” some years ago. It was a modest succes in the Netherlands, rated five stars by the Dutch playboy.
3. “52 easy ways to save the world from your workspace” by Fons and Jacqui Burger. A booklet that give you the right tips and hints to give a contribution to a better world.
4. Wall of Fame by Frank Jansen a.k.a. Dutch, a thriller, first of a trilogy.

Flying Pig Foundation
Writers and publisher of Dif Books support the Flying Pig Foundation. Part of the profit of Dif Books is spent on innovative projects in the development countries.