The end of Left and Right

The terms left and right in politics can now definitively be retired. The left has pretended to defend the rights of the working class for two centuries, concepts such as solidarity and social security are historically linked to the “left”. While the ‘right’ are associated with conservative free entrepreneurs who choose for their own wallet.

If it were only that simple. In my country, the left-wing democratic socialist party has demolished the welfare state in last few decades, while the even more left-wing Socialist Party prefers all refugee boats are pushed back into the Mediterranean. However, the largest (right-wing) government party is working on defending the rights of the ordinary people and has made the climate its most important spearhead.

Everywhere we see politicians who link their opinion to their electorate. This often happens with empty phrases, empty promises and sometimes even proven lies. But is Trump a right-wing politician? Or Erdogan with his people’s party? And can you really call Ortega from Nicaragua, Fidel and his brother, or even worse Kim Jong-Un, left wing politicians?

That is why I am in favor of a new categorization. Previously you had left, right and a colorless center. Now you only have the Socials and the Anti-Socials. That is a much accurate classification of the political spectrum and it runs through all political theory and practice.

The Socials are the politicians that operate according to the principle that all humans are equal and have the same rights. They choose to improve the situation for the one without harming others. The Anti-Socials are those politicians who appeal to the ego of man. Their own street, city, country first. In all their choices, for the environment, the refugees, pensions or whatever, they opt for the short term and vote what they think their anti-social cattle would want.

Since I made this distinction (Well, actually my wife did), life has become a lot easier. Brexit: made up by Anti-Socials who are now plunging their country into poverty. Trump: an Anti-Social self-enriching liar who is pushing the world towards the climate abyss (but America First!). And then Erdogan, Bolsonaro, Duterte, all anti-social dictators who are a threat to world history.

But are all voters of the Anti-Socials themselves also anti-social? I dare to dispute that. Fear plays the biggest role in the unprecedented uprising of the Anti-Socials; the fear of refugees and other strangers; the fear of having to pay for climate change; the fear of foreigners, socialists, economic crisis, war. The fear of a global world where we must live together with people we don’t know.

The Socials have a much more complicated message. Their time hasn’t come yet. The program items they introduce are a lot less concrete; we cannot continue with unbridled growth because it makes the difference between rich and poor even greater; we have to stop burning all our natural resources because the earth has reached its limits; that we are heading for wars because of dangerous idiots with their hand at the red button. At first it has to get a lot worse before we get enough support for their ideas.

In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy ourselves with the temporary burst of populism. They are there thanks to, in addition to a small percentage genuine Anti-Socials, protest voters and imbeciles. It will naturally stop in a few years when the supporters realize that power is corrupting and the Anti-Socials have no solutions for the real problems we are facing.

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