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Dif is a yearly bookazine published in the first decade of this century. Editors Fons Burger and Pieter Schol together with publisher Jacqui Burger, designer Yuri Jansen and IT-innovator Jasja Zuidmeer are the key team of dif. With them a large group of journalists, illustrators and photographers were working together in one of the most prestigious projects creating more than 2000 pages high quality journalism in five editions.

Dif uses the pay off “Making the difference”. It reported the predictions and trends in economy, politics, environment, community, innovation, fashion and arts, with special spotlight on people that think ‘outside the box’.   

What is our (new) mission?

With the dif-Worldsolution we started a new ambitious project. Dif is aiming on the thousands of creators, scientists, artists, innovators and activists with bright ideas for solutions to improve living conditions on our planet. Our mission is to assemble these ideas, publish them in our free iPad magazine and at the end present them in a new edition of Dif bookazine. We believe in the possibility of a synergy of all this ideas leading to a real solution of the main global problems. For a real change it’s not enough to fight for instance only global warming, famine or malnutrition. We have to combine possible solutions with eye for the other fields like for example tax injustice, corruption, instability of financial markets, etc.

Where are the ideas?

The ideas we are searching for are everywhere. Early adaptors are already practice them in the public or the private sector. Some are still in a pilot phase or performed in laboratories or experimental set ups. Others are still theory. Scientists who work for decades on a topic but only publish in the closed circuit of the scientific press. Ideas of inventors that are too futuristic for the existing traditional industry. Ideas of artist and creators that seems so impossible to apply that they are labelled as art. Many ideas are discussed on websites, in TED conversation or traditional publications but dif-Worldsolution will provide the space where all this efforts comes together.

When will we succeed?

We consider the project a success when we collected sufficient contributors to the -open- database and are able to initiate a discussion about how the combination of all these ideas can lead to a solution to the world greatest problems: food security, water, energy, health, sheltering, financial instability, nature and climate and political balance. The project will end with a congress and the publishing of a print edition of dif bookazine containing all the updated, best bright ideas.

Why do we do this?

We believe that – in the present – the way humanity is cooping with the difference between rich and poor, the abuse of nature and natural resources, the lack of solidarity and the greed for power have created a world that doesn’t have a long lasting future. However we also believe in the unfailing creativity of the human specie in finding solutions to avoid the crack of doom. We are optimists believing we will succeed in changing the world into a place that’s is livable for everybody no matter their origin, race, gender ands religious or political believe.

Are we idealists? No we are realist not pretending we can really change the world with journalism and good will. But we want to be at the side where people at least give it a try. Where we can substantiate our pay off: making the difference.

How will we do this?

We consider ourselves as a catalyst providing our target group with the tools they need, to explain their ideas, as well for a special interest group as for a broad public.

We will detect and acquire the ideas and their creators and translate them in a special format for publication. We also shall interview the contributors and provide the links to interesting founding books, articles or thesis.

We are an organization of volunteers without much of a business model. We have received a founding subsidy from public and private funds for the start up and first recruitment of volunteers. We search journalists who are in contact with our target group to join us in this effort. We also have a program for young academics and journalists to cooperate on the Dif worldsolutions.Schermafbeelding 2015-10-02 om 18.07.04kopie