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In 2009 Brighter World, the company of Jacqui en Fons Burger started a cooperation with some fair trade import companies in The Nederlands to sell products as well to consumers as business to business. Every year large quantities of f.e. Moroccan tajines, Indian leather bags, Nepalese jewelry and baskets from Bangladesh are distributed to company staffs in Holland. More information is to be found on the website (Dutch) Good to Give.

For consumers Brighter World started a webshop and a shop in shop at the famous bookshop Donner in Rotterdam. Spot the products on internetshop.

End of 2015 Brighter World will start a new fashion label. Sogoodtowear.com will produce casual basic wear for woman and man of 100% cashmere. In cooperation with Nepalese entrepneurs and shepards pands, shirts, swseaters and caps will be produced and sold in the Netherlands and Germany.To be informed about this project leave your emaladres at sogoodtowear.com.