Artikelen door Fons Burger

The end of Left and Right

The terms left and right in politics can now definitively be retired. The left has pretended to defend the rights of the working class for two centuries, concepts such as solidarity and social security are historically linked to the “left”. While the ‘right’ are associated with conservative free entrepreneurs who choose for their own wallet. […]


The other day the event popped back in my mind. Summer of 1977. It was winter in Argentina and the beginning of the Dirty War. President Jorge Videla’s regime was more than a year old. I waited on the fourteenth floor of the Ministry of Marine and eventually I was ushered into the office of […]

What men really want!

Many women claim that men only want that one and only thing. They don’t disapprove of the fact that men do indeed want that particular thing and think about it a great deal. Rather they’re making a statement about the hopelessly primitive condition of male sexuality. Some day’s men don’t think about anything else. Round […]